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Admissions are open..Welcome to Tirpude College of Social Work -- -- Tirpude College of Social Work,Nagpur Accredited with A+ grade with 3.51 CGPA by NAAC, Bangalore in 3rd cycle

Yuganter Education Society’s



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Tirpude College of Social Work (Autonomous) Non statutory Committees (2019-20)

Sr No Name of the Committee In-charge Co- In-charge Member
1. Planning & Evaluation Committee Principal Mr. M.R.Deshmukh Mr. D.R.Masram ,Dr. Mrs. S.K. Dharmadhikari, Dr.P.G.Bombatkar , Mrs. P. Jambhulkar, Mr. G. Holey
2. Grievance Redressal Committee Dr.K.S.Patil Chairperson Dr. D.R. Masram Dr.Parag Bombatkar, Mr. M.R. Deshmukh, Ms. S. S. Jibhenkar,Mr. G. Holey,Three student representatives of SRC – (President, Secretary and Ladies Representative)
3. Examination Committee Dr.K.S.Patil Chief Controller Dr. P.G.Bombatkar Controller Mr. R.T.Gajbe Deputy Controller Ms. S.S.Jibhenkar, Mr. D. B. Tule
4. Admission Committe Mr. D. B. Tule Mr. S. T. Hunge Mr. N.R. Dhurve, Mrs. Shikha Maitra, Mrs. S. Bhelave, Mr.Sandip Rahate, Mr.Gajanan Holey
5. Library Committee Principal Mrs. Pallavi Jambhulkar & Hemant Khedikar Elective Incharges , & Mr.M.S.Gautam, Dr.S.S.Kabiraj, Dr.P.G.Bombatkar, Mr. Manish Deshmukh, Mr. Sandip Rahate, Mrs. Smita Bhelave.
6. Student Welfare Committee Mr. M.S. Gautam Ms. S.T. Hunge SRC - Mr. S. T. Hunge; Attendance –Mr. M. S. Gautam Health Support Service - Mr. M. S. Gautam. Mentoring – Dr. Mrs. S. K. Dharmadhikari Anti Ragging Cell - Dr.D.R. Masram
7. Internal Complaints Committee Dr. Mrs. S. K. Dharmadhikari Mr. R.T. Gajbe Ms.S.S.Jibhenkar
8. Extra Curricular Activities Committee Mr. S. T. Hunge Ms. S.P. Fating NSS- Mr. D. B. Tule, (Unit I); Dr. Mrs. Arshiya Syed (Unit II) Enviornmental Services & Dinvishesh- Dr. H.N. Meshram Cultural –Ms. S.P. Fating; Sports - Mr. S. T. Hunge Sahayog Wall Magazine – Dr. S. S. Puranik
9 Academic Audit Committee Dr. S. K. Dharmadhikari Dr. S.S. Puranik BSW I- Mr. N. R. Dhurve; BSW II – Mr. R.T. Gajbe BSW III- Mr. S. T. Hunge, MSW I (1st &2nd Sem) - Dr. S. S. Puranik; MSW II( 3rd & 4th Sem) CD- Dr. D. R. Masram; MPSW- Dr. Mrs. S. K. Dharmadhikari HRM- Mr. D. B. Tule; FCW- Ms. S.S. Jibhenkar